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Xenical (Orlistat)

Other names: Oristal, Orlistar, Orlistato, Orlistatum, Orlistat

Analogs: Slimex, Alli, Lipothin, Charboleps

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The principle of action and composition of Xenical

Xenical (Orlistat) from Canada is a drug for weight loss, its action is based on blocking the work of the enzyme (lipase), which cleaves incoming fat from food to a level where the body can absorb them. Simply put, this medication inhibits the absorption of fats by the body.

This drug is an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipases, reduces the amount of calories absorbed by the body, preventing the assimilation of a certain amount of fat. The preparation is not absorbed into the blood and, accordingly, does not have a harmful effect on internal organs.
Orlistat blocks the process of splitting fats, about 30% of the fat eaten is not broken down and is discharged outside with feces. The body, getting less fat, begins to use the stored in the body stocks.

How to take the Xenical properly?

The most commonly prescribed dose of the drug is 120 mg (which is equal to 1 capsule) three times a day with each major meal premix. You can take it during the meal or not later than an hour after it. If taking the meal is missed, or if food does not include fat, Xenical can be missed.

Increasing the doses above the recommended rate (three times for one capsule) will not lead to an increase in the effect and will not cause the body to lose weight faster.

Clinical studies have not detected the efficacy or harmlessness of Xenical taking in persons under the age of 18 years.

Does it require a medical prescription?

Despite many reviews on the Internet where users write that generic Xenical can be purchased in any pharmacy without prescription, it is going to be quite hard to purchase it such way, because it is registered as the RX medication.

However, nowadays, local pharmacies are not the only one way to buy cheap Xenical, and you will be able to purchase it online without prescription. But still, it is desirable to consult your doctor, who can advise you a specialized program for the most effective results while combining Xenical with dietary nutrition and additional medications.

What are the contraindications for Xenical?

Contraindications to the use of Xenical are:

  • Chronic syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption, biliary disease.
  • Also, the drug is not allowed to be used by women throughout all months of pregnancy, nursing mothers and children until the age of 18.
  • Taking the drug is allowed only under close supervision of a specialist in those cases when you have diabetes, bulimia or anorexia, kidney stones, or when it is combined with other drugs for weight loss.

Combinations with other drugs

In pharmacokinetic studies of the Orlistat, interactions with alcohol, digoxin, nifedipine, oral contraceptives, phenytoin, pravastatin or warfarin were not noted.

With simultaneous admission with generic Xenical, there was a decrease in absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K, and beta-carotene. If multivitamins are recommended, they should be taken no less than 2 hours after taking Xenical or at bedtime.

With the simultaneous administration of Xenical and cyclosporine, there was a decrease in plasma concentrations of cyclosporine, so a more frequent determination of cyclosporin concentrations in plasma in such case is recommended.

How to store Orlistat?

The generic Xenical should be stored at a temperature of up to 25 ° C, in a place protected from moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.

The shelf life of the drug is three years. The preparation should not be used after the expiry date indicated on the package.

What are the possible side effects of Xenical?

Among possible side effects of Xenical are:

  • oily discharge from the rectum,
  • the emission of gases with a certain amount of precipitation,
  • steatorrhea,
  • more frequent defecation,
  • fecal incontinence,
  • imperative urges for defecation.

An increase in these side effects is possible if the proportion of fat in the food intake increases.

There are rare cases of hypersensitivity with allergic reactions: itching, rash, urticaria, anaphylaxis, angioedema.

Among patients with diabetes mellitus type II hypoglycemic conditions are possible.

Where to buy Xenical?

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