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Other names: Aropax, Casbol, Deroxat, Divarius, Eutimil, Frosinor, Motivan, Parotur

Analogs: Lexapro, Effexor XR, Wellbutrin SR, Amitriptyline, Zoloft

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What’s Paxil?

Paxil is an antidepressant that selectively reduces neuronal reuptake of 5-hydroxytryptamine. Affects the pathogenetic link of the onset of depression, eliminating the deficiency of serotonin in the synapses of neurons in the brain. The active substance (paroxetine) has a slight affinity with muscarinic cholinergic receptors, so the drug has weak anticholinergic effects. Due to the holinoliticheskogo action paroxetine quickly reduces anxiety, insomnia, has a weak initial effect of activation, rarely causes vomiting, diarrhea. But precisely because of the anticholinergic action provokes a decrease in libido, constipation, weight gain.

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