Atarax (Hydroxyzine)

Other names: Hydroxyzine

Analogs: Benadryl,Roxithromycin,Aristocort,Temovate,Unisom

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What’s Atarax?

Has antihistaminic and bronchodilating effect. Within the usual therapeutic dose, the drug doesn’t have impact on the secretory and acidity-developing purpose of the stomach. Good at treating pruritus with assorted allergic eczema, hives and eczema. The time period of antihistamine action from the drug increases to 96 hrs with impaired liver function.
Has antispasmodic, sympatholytic and mild analgesic effect.
Under the act of the drug, the entire time period of sleep increases, the amount and time period of nocturnal awakenings decreases, tone of muscle decreases, doesn’t cause memory impairment.
The drug rapidly enters the blood stream after absorption within the gastrointestinal tract. The utmost concentration in plasma is noted two hrs after using the drug inside. At repeated intake the power of the medication is elevated by 30%. When administered, the bioavailability of the medication is as much as 80%.

Directions for use

Atarax is prescribed inside. To treat anxiety conditions, it’s suggested to consider 0.05 g from the drug each day. Having a severe amount of anxiety, the dose from the drug could be elevated to 0.3 g each day.
To conduct premedication before surgery it’s suggested to consider 0,05-0,2 g of preparation 1 hour prior to the operation, you’ll be able to furthermore administer 0,05 g every night before anesthesia.
When symptomatic management of pruritus is suggested, the first dose of the medication is 0.025 g, if required, the dose could be elevated to 0.025 g 3 to 4 occasions each day. The utmost single dose shouldn’t be greater than 0.2 g, and also the maximum daily dose shouldn’t exceed 0.3 g.
With symptomatic management of pruritus in youngsters 3-6 years old, a serving of 0.001-0.0025 g / kg of the child’s weight each day is suggested. For pre-medication, 0.001 g / kg of baby weight is suggested 1 hour before surgery.
The dose of the medication is selected individually and depends largely around the patient’s reaction to the therapy.
For seniors patients with impaired liver function and kidney failure, the daily dose ought to be reduced.

Side effect

All possible negative effects of Atarax are observed because of its impact on the nervous system by means of oppression of function or paradoxical stimulation, antichodygic effect or possible hypersensitivity.
For the heart, in rare cases, a rise in heartbeat, a decrease in bloodstream pressure, can be done.
In the point of view of sight there might be a transient reduction in vision clearness, a breach of accommodation.
In the gastrointestinal tract frequently there’s a sense of dryness within the mouth, less frequently – nausea, vomiting, breach of intestinal peristalsis with the introduction of constipation.
In the side from the defense mechanisms, hypersensitivity can frequently be viewed, in rare cases growth and development of anaphylactic shock can be done.
General disorders by using Atarax include general weakness, elevated fatigue, a rise in body’s temperature to subfebrile digits.
Nerve disorders include the appearance of elevated sleepiness, headache, dizziness, insomnia and tremor from the fingers, in rare cases, the look of seizures and dyskinesias.
In rare cases, mental disorders are possible by means of stimulation, confusion, disorientation and hallucinations.
For urinary system in rare cases, a delay within the discharge of urine can happen.
For the respiratory system organs, bronchospasm with the introduction of suffocation can hardly ever be viewed.
Onto the skin might be itching, various rashes, hives, in rare cases, develops angioedema, Stephen-Manley syndrome.


Using the medication is contraindicated in situation of hypersensitivity to the substance incorporated within the preparation, in addition to cetirizine and formulations that contains piperazine, aminophylline, ethylenediamine or their derivatives. The appointment and reception of the medication is contraindicated in the existence of a person’s porphyria. The information of lactose in Atarax precludes its administration in the existence of an individual’s hereditary your inability to tolerate galactose, lack of Lapp’s lactase or malabsorption of glucose-galactose.

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