Cyclo Progynova
Cyclo Progynova

Cyclo (Progynova)

Other names: Progynova

Analogs: Angeliq, Clomid, Androcur, Eltroxin

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What’s Cyclo (Progynova)?

Cyclo is a hormonal estrogen-containing drug. The preparation contains estradiol valerate – a synthetic analogue of human endogenous estradiol. The decrease in the production of endogenous estradiol is noted in the climacteric period. However, in some cases, the onset of menopause is accompanied by sharp changes in the level of sex hormones, which causes discomfort and lowers the quality of life. In addition, a sharp decrease in the level of estrogen can lead to thinning of the bone tissue. Cyclo prevents the development of postmenopausal osteoporosis, improves the condition and quality of life of women in menopause, and also helps maintain estrogen levels in women after ovarian excision.

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