How to Treat Hair Loss?

Nowadays, lots of people come across alopecia, a disorder that causes much discomfort. Hair loss in humans caused by various factors. But in most cases, the reasons are genetic predisposition, increased dihydrotestosterone, and different hormonal changes. For example, in men most effect causes dihydrotestosterone.

It is a hormone that testosterone converts into. With aging, the conversion process is accelerated. So, if in 18-30 years old males, only 16% face the thinning of hair, in 40-50 years old already 58% can see the changes. But both look for the best medication for hair loss.

In addition to the excessive production of a hormone, there are also causes of this problem in women. One of the most common ones is stress. Severe emotional stress leads to a compression of the follicles and abnormalities connected with the blood supply to them. Besides, the female audience can notice hair loss during the pregnancy or after cosmetic procedures. What drugs can help to treat or prevent these events?

Can Corticosteroids Save Your Hair?

The above mentioned medication is considered to be the most common for cases when hair falls out in clumps or when the loss is caused by autoimmune diseases. During such an ailment, the organism loses the strength and the immune system by mistake attacks most of the body tissues including the skin.

So, dermatologists try to recover the impacted skin areas by making the injections or by prescription of topical solutions. Depending on the age of patient and symptoms visibility a doctor will determine what treatment to apply. After some time of pills intake, a person may experience a follicle regeneration and see how a baldness step-by-step resides in the past.

There is a list of possible side effects people should take into account. They are:

  • headache;
  • high blood pressure;
  • body weakness.

Keep in mind to avoid drinking the alcohol otherwise, the hair loss cure will be whether none or small.

Treatment of Woman’s Hair Loss with Antiandrogens

Pattern hair loss of both sexes seems to be the same. That is not true. A girl and a middle age woman may face the deterioration of hair. The most result lays in when the hair production starts slowing down and the follicles stops growing near the vertex.

Today, these events are named as androgenetic alopecia. In this case, doctors prescribe the medications including Aldactone. Otherwise medications with active material of Spironolactone and fertility control drugs that obligatorily should contain estrogen. Among the possible complications, there are:

  • dizziness;
  • cramps;
  • skin allergies;
  • headache;
  • stomach aches.

Before the application of the remedy, it is necessary to prepare the body in advance by excluding the intake of other steroids.

What is Topical Minoxidil?

Mostly the application of Minoxidil helps to let the hair grow in the male audience. The cases such as sudden or genetic predisposition of loss and thinning hair during the pregnancy are not compatible with this remedy intake. Also, it shows the efficiency in treating the hypotrichosis when a person’s locks always grow little, and telogen effluvium a disorder when an organism stops the production of new follicles.

To know the correct dosage of Rogaine (another name of a drug), a patient should consult the doctor to determine whether to apply 2 or 5 percent of the solution as it is per instruction. The foam or solution is directly applied to the scalp with massaging moves twice per day for the best results. Unfortunately, this medication will also require some time to see the thickening. Usually, it takes 4 up to 1 year.

Adverse reactions rarely take place but may include the head redness, dizziness, tiredness. Also, if choosing the foam, try to find the shampoo with no or less laureth carboxylate.

Oral Finasteride Help

This oral remedy is also popular under the name of Propecia. Finasteride works by minimizing the dihydrotestosterone hormone in the body. Consequently, the first results of its application allow a person to see increased hair growth. A patient should take it only once per day. Significant changes are observed after one year, but the first hair regrowth signals are visible within four months.

Spillover Reactions:

  • dizziness;
  • itchy skins;
  • chills;
  • gain weight.

Keep in mind, the intake of the drug may possibly affect sexual life. It decreases the amount of semen ejaculated during sex.

Can Patients Use Antifungal Medications?

If a person has scalp ringworm, it is a direct way to turn to antifungal remedies. This disorder affects the growth. It starts with a small pimple that leads to the destruction of the follicles. Fortunately, the first results of a drug’s application are visible after a few month.

On the other hand, these helpers cannot be considered as hair loss drugs. Thus, only a health specialist dermatologist can prescribe and solely overview the efficiency. Fungus can relocate to different parts of the body and in some cases, can infect others.

Adverse reactions are skin reactions, tiredness, vomiting, and nausea.

Other Medication Helping Regrow Hair

Depending on the symptoms and hair loss stage, doctors may require a person to consult other dedicated experts to undergo testings. Besides, good results were seen when people turned to such a hair loss medication as Keranique solution. It has an FDA approved ingredient and is clinically proven to prevent and fight the loss issues.


Beware all the information discussed in this article should be considered as an informational source only. Diagnosing yourself without previous consultation with a doctor is strictly forbidden. CanadianPharmTabs does not offer medical advice and is not responsible for the use of any data from its website. Medication for hair loss should be taken seriously and prescribed only after the permission of the doctor.

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