Why Are There So Many ED Drugs and What Is the Difference?

ED drugs belong to TOP products in the list of the most popular drugs among Internet drug stores all over the world. Men suffer from erection problems and prefer purchasing the remedy when nobody sees that. Sexual dysfunction is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, men’s health problems, stress, exhaustion, and unfavorable environment.

Men need something that can support their libido with a strong erection. Medications for erectile dysfunction can include different active components to fit a concrete person. Males can have an allergy to one but benefit from another ingredient. Thanks to that, they have a high chance to get rid of ED and come back to normal sexual activity.

What Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Can I Buy in Canada?

Canadian pharmacy supplies clients with high-quality over the counter ED drugs. A pharmacist at an average drugstore can offer brand pills and their analogs but only in case a customer has a prescription. Internet pharmacies allow everybody to order drugs online without the necessity to leave an apartment.

It saves time and lets everyone feel comfortable when asking for a concrete product. Drugstores in Canada present various medicines for impotence. One can find products based on Vardenafil, Sildenafil, and Tadalafil Citrates. They are available without a prescription and meet all international healthcare standards.

What Does a Price of ED Pill Depend on?

ED drugs have the same mechanism of action but often differ in prices. What is the reason? There are generic and original medicines which suggest different pricing. Brand drugs for erectile dysfunction are more expensive because manufacturers pay for formula development and advertising. Analogs just copy their prototypes and treat ED as good as their original versions.

One more factor which impacts the price is a drugstore policy. Online ones offer cheaper otc ED pills compared to those in Walmart. Such pharmacies have to spend a lot on rent because famous reputable supermarket areas have many visitors and they rent a more attractive and expensive place to offer their products. Due to that, a pillin Walmart and other popular places is more expensive.

How Do ED Pills Help and How Fast?

ED drugs stimulate the blood flow to male genitalia provoking a hard erected penis. A strong push of blood aims at boosting the sexual potential of a person. ED pills become effective in 30 minutes after the intake. A person can usually have repeated sexual intercoursebecause active ingredients remain more than 24 hours in the body.

Males get excellent medication to be ready to please their partners and forget about this health disorder. There are ED pills which produce the desired result in 15 minutes. These are usually capsules and films which start dissolving soon after interacting with saliva and gastric juice.

Is the Effect of Erectile Dysfunction Meds Long-lasting?

Manufacturers of ED drugs know that women usually need more time to get satisfaction in bed. Some of them desire hours of intimate intercoursetrying to experience multiple orgasms. Sexual enhancement can last up to 4 hours and repeat in some time.

ED pills are effective when a person follows there commendations of a health advisor. The drug does not impact the ejaculation process. A man must feel relaxed after sex no matter what. These pills aim at increasing the sensitivity of a penis. So, a person has more chances to get orgasm. That is one of the benefits of the medication.

Can I Take ED Drugs with Other Drugs without Negative Consequences?

ED drugs have manual instructions in each package and also in official web sources. A man should better avoid grapefruit juice, too strong coffee, much alcohol, greasy meals, and drugs which may interact with ED medications. A person can also have contradicting diseases which could make pills work the wrong way and lead to undesired complications.

Consequently, a medical check is the MUST.

What Are Possible Negative Effects of ED Treatment?

ED drugs like other medicines can provoke undesired results. Most common side effects include:

  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Kidney troubles
  • Liver problems
  • Allergy
  • Face redness

ED meds can cause other reactions so a person must be alert when noticing that something is wrong. Erectile dysfunction is a serious disorder. If a man suffers severe adverse effect, he must get immediate medical help. Besides, experts do not recommend starting therapy before a professional makes sure that it is safe.

What Are Common and Different Features Between Various Types of ED Drugs?

There are 4 main variants of ED pills. The table below manifests their main components, way of consumption, duration, side effects, and compatibility with alcohol.

Erection pills When to take? Durability Common side effects Alcohol interaction Main component
30-60 minutes before the sex act 4 hours Headache; muscle pain; dizziness; flushing; flu symptoms. Yes Sildenafil
Cialis 15-45 minutes before the sex act 4 hours Indigestion; vertigo; sickness; pain in back, legs, and arms; flushing; flu symptoms. Yes Tadalafil
Levitra 45-60 minutes before the sex act 4 hours Headache; flushing; allergy; dyspepsia; muscle pain; visual and hearing problems; flu syndromes. Yes Vardenafil
Avanafil (Stendra) 15-30 minutes before the sex act 4 hours Headache; face redness; digestive problems; symptoms of flu. Yes Avanafil

There are many names of erectile dysfunction pills. A person should pay attention only to their main ingredients. Generic and brand ones are both good if the selling pharmacy has the required certificate about their quality.


What Is the Solution for Erectile Dysfunction?First, a person should get a medical examination to know the reason and check health state. Then an expert usually suggests keeping to a healthy lifestyle, avoiding contradicting meds, food and substances, and prescribes drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

Are ED Drugs the Only Treatment from Impotence?No. There are creams and herbs which increase sensitivity and improve blood circulation. Sometimes a doctor suggests applying vacuum pumps, surgery, or just changing the lifestyle.

Why Doctors Recommend Checking Blood Pressure When Taking ED Pills?ED drugs impact the cardiovascular system. It is necessary to make sure that blood pressure is normal to avoid complications and adverse effects. Experts recommend checking blood pressure within 6 months before the beginning of the medication.

How Much Time Do I Have Before the Effect of ED Drug Expires?Usually, a man can feel confident in bed for four hours.

Is Ischemic Disease a Contradiction to ED Treatment?Treatment depends on a person but usually professionals do not recommend taking ED tabs if a person has heart diseases.


This article gives information about ED drugs for customers to learn it and consider when taking some alpha blockers. Its purpose is not to consult and provide the treatment. Only a doctor has the right to set a dose and select the best erectile drugs for a concrete patient. Online pharmacy is not responsible for the provided data and does not prescribe drugs or provides diagnostic followed by medical advice.

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