OTC Drugs in Canada

There are two types of drugs: those which one buys due to a doctor’s prescription and over the counter drugs. The first type is available to everyone and one has no problem to buy it. A pharmacist will refuse to sell the seconds type without a prescription. Over The Counter drugs (OTC) at Canadian Pharmacy simplify things. There is no need to get a doctor’s permit to buy the drug a person wants. Canadian Pharmacy offers non-prescription drugs for an affordable price. One more benefit of an online purchase is a possibility to:

  • get discounts for regular orders
  • avoid queues
  • delete a necessity to repeat a visit to a doctor

The order procedure is easy and quick. A client selects over the counter drugs, adds them to a cart, fills in the form, and pays.

What Is OTC Medicine?

OTC medicine or Over the Counter drugs don’t require a prescription. What does it mean? When a person feels unwell, he or she has to consult a specialist to get a prescription. Then a patient has to go to a drugstore, stay in a line, and show the prescription to a druggist to get the required. What if a person forgets the prescription at home or loses it somewhere? A person cannot buy OTC drugs at a regular drugstore. Employees at a drugstore follow the rules and will not risk selling medications without the professional’s permit.

Irritated people have either to find the prescription or visit the health advisor again to ask for another one. The situation is getting worse because a person often has to lose a day salary trying to manage everything. It is easier to take a 5-minute break and order pills online. Customers deserve to get non prescription drugs and do not waste time. Online drugstores make it possible. It is especially comfortable for those who are busy and have no time to visit a doctor regularly trying to renew the prescription.

What OTC Drugs Are Available in Canada?

There is a huge variety of non prescription drugs. OTC drugs can be brand or generic. Brand products are more popular and expensive. Their manufacturer was the first to discover such treatment and are the owners of the original formula. That is why the company pays taxes and spends money on its improvement. Generic medications have the same influence on health as brand ones. The only difference is in the price. It is impressively lower. One can buy such over the counter drugs safely at any online drugstore.

A client can get Canadian over-the-counter drugs which cope with:

  • skin problems
  • allergy
  • erectile dysfunction
  • sleeping difficulties
  • severe pain
  • cardiovascular problems
  • viruses
  • breathing disorders
  • neurological disorders
  • women and men’s health
  • digestive problems

How to Order OTC Drugs Online Without a Prescription

Non-prescription products are easy to get in Canada. One can find OTC medicine in the list of offered products. A customer should just look through ‘Product Categories’ to see possible variants. If a person knows exactly what drugs he or she needs, one should insert their names using the search line on the top of the page.

The next step is to add the chosen over the counter drugs with the required number of pills, tablets, sachets, or tubes to a shopping cart. A client should log in or create a new account in case there is none. The system will tell the next steps required to complete the purchase. It will not take more than 5 minutes. One is to be just sure that there is enough money on a debit or credit card.

A customer can also ask about the delivery period. Sometimes customers do not pay for shipping due to discounts, coupons, and hot offers.

Most Popular OTC Drugs

What Should a Person Consider Before Buying Online Drugs?

Everybody wants to buy non-prescription products online securely. Consequently, a person must know the dosage and the duration of the medication. Online drugstores are not online doctors. They do not examine a patient and prescribe OTC drugs. Canadianpharmtabs processes orders, contacts reliable drugstores with a spotless reputation and low prices, and makes them pack and send the parcel. A client must know what medicine can help and how much to take it.

One more thing an online user should pay attention to is the choice of the best pharmacy. First of all, a person should have access to the Internet. Then experts suggest comparing prices in different online pharmacies to make sure that a person will not overpay for over-the-counter drugs. Finally, customers recommend studying a website of the chosen drugstore. What for? There are several signs which show that the pharmacy is a fake organization.

  1. There are no real testimonials with details of the order.
  2. A website is not well-developed and is difficult in navigation.
  3. Online consultants are ignorant and speak only about money matters.
  4. There are no copyright signs at the bottom of the page.
  5. It insists on buying of some concrete product.

Canadianpharmtabs offers high quality OTC medicine to let everyone get professional treatment. The online drugstore cooperates with reputable pharmacies which guarantee excellent medicine for an affordable price. Moreover, regular clients get discounts and special offers which help to save money for the next purchase or spend them on some other things.

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