OTC drugs in Canada

OTC drugs in Canada are a vast group of medicines that the patient can buy for self-medication in the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. It is an integral part and a necessary condition for the successful development of the concept of self-treatment.

Canada non-prescription drugs include drugs of various pharmacological groups:

  • analgesics,
  • antipyretics,
  • antacids,
  • antihistamines,
  • antitussives.

The list of over the counter drugs from Canada is different in each country, but the criteria for selecting them should be common to all and based on reliable data, therapeutic latitude, and cost.

What should be noted when ordering over the counter Canada drugs?

The main thing that should be taken into account when ordering over the counter drugs in Canada is that you are fully familiarized with the instruction to the drug needed. Double check the dosage and side effects of the drug, make sure that its indications suit your health condition and that the current drug is compatible with other medications you take. Only having checked all the peculiarities of the medication taking you will achieve the desired effect and not cause harm to your health.

Where to buy OTC drugs from Canada?

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