Canadian Generic Drugs

Generic drugs from Canada in the general sense are just cheap, more affordable copies of expensive tablets that act no worse than original drugs. is this true and what should you keep in mind when buying generics?

Canadian generic drugs are a copy of the branded drugs, the term of patent rights for which has already ended. Pharmaceutical companies spend years and tens of millions of dollars to develop and test new drugs. But companies need to make a profit, so when a new drug appears on the market, its cost is quite high.

A few years later, when the patent rights for a new medicine finishes, its low-cost copies– generics appear on the market.

Can the generic be used instead of the original drug?

In fact, such copies have the same characteristics in terms of quality, efficiency, and safety, as well as original drugs. A huge number of pharmaceutical companies are engaged in the production of canada generic drugs, including those that once invented the original drugs. And theoretically, the difference between a generic and an original drug should only be in price (a copy is cheaper) and in appearance.

According to the new requirements of the Ministry of Health, doctors will prescribe medicines not under the trademark / brand name, but under the international non-proprietary name (INN), which reflects the chemical active ingredient in the drug. After that, the pharmacist will offer you several options – either the original, or list of generics. And you will have to choose.

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