Canadian Generic Drugs

Canadian generic drugs entered the world pharmacological market and joined leaders. People prefer generics to brand drugs because they are cheaper but their efficiency is as good as of their prototypes. Still, there are some doubts concerning their safety compared to the original products.

Generic Drugs: What Is That and Is It Good?

Generic pharmacy produces bioequivalent drugs which one can find both in online and regular drugstores. Some of them can slightly differ from their brand variant but, as a rule, generic stands for a copy. Everybody has at least once seen original Adidas and Chinese copies Abidas, Adibas, and others. What is the difference? The quality might be the same but manufacturers have changed the name. There are two reasons. First, people trust more original things which name at least somehow reminds the brand one. Second, they steal their image but do not change the content.

Canadian generic pharmacy does the same. It manufacturers cheap copies without the need to pay for the advertised formula. Everything sounds simple but, actually, it is not. Pharmacies do not only produce pills. They also have to present documents proving their effectiveness. Drugstores will never risk selling a product that does not meet the requirements and may hurt a person.

Are Generics Safe and Effective?

Healthcare system controls the production of generic medications. It demands submissions of generics from manufacturers which include:

  • proportions of active components
  • the process of creation of the product
  • what tests and examination the product will undergo
  • who will participate in testing to approve the efficacy
  • results of the examination
  • correspondence to the law, documents, and regulations

After that Canada generic committee verifies the drug checking the information given in the submission.

Can One Spot the Difference Between Brand Drugs and Generics?

Pharmacies often avoid risks and never sell unchecked products. They test Canadian-generics and hire only professional druggists who know peculiarities. Experts learn manual instructions to see if they are 100% analogs or just possible variants. Absolute match gives a possibility to place the generic together with its original version. People must be careful when buying medicine of non-absolute coincidence. Specific health problem needs concrete dosage. For example, a person has to take 1 pill 3 times a day. When one pill does not have the required combination of active ingredients, the treatment might fail or make things worse.

Canada generic brand is a mirror of an original drug. It contains the same amount of all the required ingredients which guarantee demanded effect and have met international requirements of health organizations.

Is It a Good Idea to Take Generics Instead of Brand Drugs?

It often happens that a pharmacist offers analogs because a drugstore has run out of brand drugs. That is why it is better to ask a health advisor to mention all possible variants of the required medicine. Nobody doubts that Canadian generic pharmacy supervises drugstores and controls the quality of products. There is only one problem a patient might face. Sometimes the proportion of main and supporting components is different compared to the original version. Due to that, a pill could work differently too. The effect might be either too quick or too slow. As a result, a person could suffer a serious side effect or receive zero help.

Consequently, if a person decides to buy generics online, he or she should compare ingredients paying attention to the dose and proportions. It is also important to see if there are no components which might provoke an allergic reaction. That is why health advisors examine patients to be sure in the choice of the treatment. Generic (just like brand) drugs are safe. One must just take them following the doctor’s prescription and regard doses, interactions, and contradictions.

How to Buy Generics Online in Canada?

It is not difficult to get generic drugs in Canada. It might be problematic to find a trustworthy drugstore. Today the Internet offers many variants but a person must be careful and avoid a mistake that can worsen health condition. Experts suggest paying attention to the next details.

  1. Positive and negative testimonials of clients.
  2. Certificate about products (whether the healthcare system has approved them or not)
  3. Price (it should be affordable but not too low)
  4. Category of drugs (RX or no RX)
  5. Quality of online consultation
  6. Warranties (money return in case of poor packaging or low quality)
  7. Confidentiality and data protection

There is a way to get Canadian generics without prescription and risk. A person should visit Canadianpharmtabs that cooperates with reliable pharmacies. Customers search for medicine, read articles about it, study NOC and a monograph which shows that drugs meet standards of Canadian healthcare regulations. After that, the website will show what pharmacies have the drug. Finally, a client can compare the services of the offered drugstores and choose the best one. Canadianpharmtabs guarantees secure purchase and qualitative products. Online consultants help to order drugs and inform about payment and delivery details.