Why are drugs cheaper in Canada?

We all know that the drugs in the US cost an unreal sum of money and it doesn’t matter which medications you are going to buy, the simple course of preparations for curing the strep throat will cost you minimum $180-$250. Of course, all people put up with this, because, frankly speaking, they have no other choice but there is one question that disturbs a lot of Americans – why are drugs in Canada cheaper? Yes, it’s an absolute truth – drugs in Canada are much cheaper if compare with the prices for the same medications in American pharmacies. What is the secret of such difference and what can we do with this? Let’s consider this issue in our article.

Why are drugs cheaper in Canada

Prescription drug prices in Canada and the United States differ a lot and there is one explanation for this – Canadian drugs (we mean prescription drugs) are under strict price control. The government in Canada has specially created a special Patented Medicine Prices Review Board to control price tags for all the prescription drugs and ensure that none of them exceed the established limit. This is the main reason of so shocking difference in prices and an explanation why some people prefer ordering the necessary medications from the Canadian online pharmacies. Even with the cost of shipping the medications, the price will be lower than purchasing the drugs in the US pharmacies.

Why doesn’t the US control the drugs prices?

Actually, nowadays, the US is considered the one and only country which doesn’t regulate the prices for medications. Why are pharmaceuticals cheaper in Canada? Some American specialists claim that the price regulation limits the number of choices of medications and doesn’t give an ability to innovate. At the same time, they also state that such a regulation can shorten the lifespan.

However, in the price regulation for the medication in Canada there are also some drawbacks. For example, some doctors state that the comparably lengthy process of the drugs’ approval may negatively influence the general process of the patients’ treatment. But the fact that the majority of the drugs are much cheaper in Canada if compare with the prices in the US pharmacies is proven by the thousands of people. For example, one of the newest drugs for cancer treatment in Canada and European countries cost from $590 to $720. Guest its price in the United States? The cheapest price that we have found in one of the American pharmacies is $2395! The impressive difference, agree?

Risks and laws of purchasing Canadian drugs

So, now when you already know why are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada, the following question arises – why don’t everyone order Canadian drugs from the online pharmacies instead of overpaying huge sums of money? The answer is simple as all genial – it is prohibited by the law. Yes, you didn’t misread – purchasing any drugs from Canada both online and in person isn’t allowed by the US law. However, due to the really huge number of people ordering various medications from Canada anyway, the FDA decided to give a possibility for the Americans to purchase it legally. How to do this? According to the FDA’s conditions, you can import drugs from Canada if you meet a number of requirements established. Sounds good but actually, it is hardly believed that the average John from the US can legally purchase drugs by meeting the number of stipulations.

Besides the official side of the issue, we also want to mention risks you get when purchasing medications from Canada. According to the FDA’s statement, all people purchasing drugs from other countries risk to buy fake drugs, expired medications, and drugs of not the needed strength. Nevertheless, if you decide to find out why are Canadian drugs cheaper and check the requirements for the Canadian pharmacies, you will see that they are absolutely the same as for the US ones. It means that all the drugstores in Canada submit the same regulations as the US pharmacies to get the license number confirming their ability to sell original high-quality medications.

Final words

So, summing up all the information we get, we want to state with certainty – the difference in price for medications is great in the US and Canada. Figuring out why are drugs cheaper in Canada we have found the following facts:

  • The price difference is caused by the price control established by the Canadian government. This regulation controls the accordance of all the drugs sold in Canada to their median price all around the world. If the price tag is higher, it should be decreased immediately.
  • All the Canadian pharmacies undergo the same requirements as the US ones in order to get the license number, so it is highly unlikely that you will buy the lower quality drug from Canada.
  • To purchase medications from the Canadian drugstores each American citizen has to meet a number of the special requirements established by the FDA.

If you want to verify the legitimacy of the chosen Canadian pharmacy to be completely sure in the quality of drugs you purchase, you can visit the website of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

The difference between prices for the same drugs in Canada and the US is really impressive but even taking into account this fact, a lot of Americans prefer purchasing all the medications in the US pharmacies to be sure in the drugs’ quality and their compliance with the FDA’s requirements. It is absolutely up to you where to buy the medications and how much pay for them, we just want to claim that it is not riskier if you decide to order the necessary drugs from Canada. The cheaper price doesn’t mean the lower quality, fakes or expiry drugs. The difference in the US and Canadian laws explains this fact. So, choose wisely, check all the requirements for making such a purchase and be healthy!

Why are drugs cheaper in Canada?
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