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It runs along with fast updates, which contributes to its huge anime database. Furthermore, Animesuge offers an array of fast high-quality streaming servers and also a handy download option. You can not only watch subbed and dubbed anime on this website but also discover popular Chinese animated series. A package of additional playback and playlist features are also available on Animesuge.

  • It also gives you access to exclusive content released by the channels on the platform.
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We understand that the ‘second season’ was a handful of OVA episodes. The Seven Deadly Sins is a licensed Netflix Original anime series based on the manga of the same name by author Nakaba Suzuki. Having sold over 37 million copies of the manga worldwide, the franchise has a fiercely loyal fanbase. The studio was previously animated by A-1 Pictures but has since a new home with Studio Deen.

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However, her dreams come crashing down when her mother remarries and transfers Yuzu to an all-girls school. To make matters worse, the uptight student council president, Mei, continually harasses her. And on top of that, she happens to be Yuzu’s new step-sister. However, as the two girls start sharing a bedroom and getting to know each other better, Yuzu discovers new feelings towards Mei.

Synopsis My Next Life As A Villainess Season 1

Hanabi is in love with her teacher Narumi, who used to be her neighbour while Mugi likes Akane who used to be his tutor. But to their dismay, Narumi and Akane begin a relationship. This makes them feel lonely and use each other as a substitute for the ones they truly desire. Fuyuzora Kogarashi is a medium and has been troubled by spirits since his childhood. He has been possessed many times but as he grew older he became more resistant towards the spirits and can now even exorcize them with just a punch.

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You may modify the streaming quality and even set a limit based on your internet speed. Bilibili is a Chinese-owned entertainment website dedicated to the ACG culture. It has been around since 2009 but grew massively in 2015 when it ventured to become a mainstream video entertainment website. Targeting the Gen Z audience, it has a collection of big-name anime series from the early 2000s such as Naruto and Fate/ Zero. It also has some of the freshest hits such as Boruto, Demon Slayer, One Punch Man, and My Hero Academia.